Josh Jacob Avatar
One of the best there is. Down to earth, honest and no bs. You earn peoples trust by delevering on what you say you will and does!
Josh J.
grandma july Avatar
Awesome sttaf and the dr professional and they take their time to make u feel comfortable in good hands
grandma j.
Maribel B. Avatar
Great visit! Dr Yardan was great at explaining a condition that although common it’s new to me! Plantar Fasciitis He provided various options of treatment. Very efficient office took x-rays on location. The staff was efficient & friendly!
Maribel B.
Joel H. Avatar
I had an ongoing issue with my feet for six years and two other doctors. It was a rollercoaster of inserts and doctors visits. Dr Yarden corrected this problem within four months. I was very well informed during the process of my surgical procedure which went way better then I expected. Him and his staff went above and behind for me I can’t even put into words.
Joel H.
Ilvya C. Avatar
It was a really easy process and good experience. Everyone was professional and polite. The office was very clean and I felt safe being in there. Dr Yardan was thorough and presented several options for my issue. Overall, great experience.
Ilvya C.
Vincent P. Avatar
Dr. Yardan and his staff are very knowledgeable and friendly. My foot surgery with them recently has went very well. I highly recommend them and would go back for any future treatment.
Vincent P.
Laurap Parnigoni Avatar
Dr Yardin is absolutely an amazing surgeon. I had bunions that I had been putting off doing, he gave me two options and explained fully what to expect from each surgery. No sugar coating or pressure. Truly enjoyed being treated with the respect to make my own choice. The surgery and recovery that I chose went exactly as he described. Would definitely recommend his work.
Laurap P.
Amanda Kendrick Avatar
I visited Dr Yardan after a visit to Mediquick for a very painful Bunion on my right foot. I'm so happy the doctor at Mediquick refered me because I was so scared to get surgery on my bunion after hearing horror stories from others, I put off surgery for years....

After my first appointment with him, I knew I had the right doctor! Don't let his young face fool you! He is very knowledgeable, very professional, empathetic and excellent at explaining everything he's going to do and answer any question you may have about your treatment.

One thing that stood out to me that set him apart from other surgeons I've delt with (and I've delt with a few since I was a spots girl that has had many injuries requiring surgery) was he explained more than one option, explained which he thought would work best for me (meaning my situation, my body & how it heals, what I wanted regarding the final result/appearance, and of course the longevity of the result since sometimes bunions can reform if not done correctly). This was very important to me because I was so worried about having this surgery I put it off for years, and that resulted in a worse bunion with so much pain I couldn't wear my shoe...

After choosing the right course of action for me, we then discussed how it would work & what I could expect after the surgery. Dr. Yardan is so thorough in what he does and leaves nothing to chance. He explained how my smoking & caffeine intake needed to be reduced leading up to my surgery date so I was smoking less & not drinking caffeine so to assist in the healing process. This gave me time to cut back instead of just stopping. This is just one example of the details he goes over with you to ensure the best possible outcome. He doesn't just do the surgery and leave it at that. He wants you to have success & be 110% satisfied with the outcome, going above and beyond to ensure the best possible result.

I would 110% Recommend Dr. Yardan because of all the reasons above. Also, he's very personable and more like a person you talk to everyday, vs a Doctor that sometimes can make a patient feel intimidated. To top off all I've said, Dr. Yardan's RN & Medical assistant are awesome as well! Helping with the paperwork I needed for work & unemployment, listening to my concerns and addressing them right away without issue. They both were extremely paitent & knowledgeable, also going above & beyond just like Dr. Yardan.
As a whole, the three of them all work together to make a dream team of medical professionals that other medical offices should strive to be!

Besides all this, besides the medical & surgery & patient care & everything else I spoke to here, the #1 thing that made me so impressed with Dr. Yardan and his staff was their ability to have empathy & treat me like a human. I'm in recovery for opiate use, and I was upfront from day 1 about this & my concerns about pain meditation. It's difficult sometimes when dealing with doctors, especially when its known that pain management will be part of treatment and the paitent has a history with addiction. I spoke to Dr. Yardan about my concerns with pain medication and we discussed which kind worked for me. He was so awesome! He was direct and didn't treat me like an addict! He was straight forward about how much he was willing to prescribe and was honest about the fact that he would not do more than that because he didn't want to be a Doctor that just prescribes unnecessary medication. This was exactly what I wanted & needed in my surgeon! Knowing myself, we discussed how much I felt comfortable with having, what he was comfortable with prescribing and also planned how the medication would be handled in my home. This shows that Dr. Yardan cares for his patients so much so that he looks at every aspect of the healing & treatment process! Including personal info that may include safety for a patient like me, that has a history of addiction.

Don't take my word for it, call and see for yourself! You'll be so happy you did! Look at all the positive reviews, they speak for themselves! Thank you🙏
Amanda K.